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Transnational Airlines Pilot Groups

Transnational Airlines (TNAs) with bases in more than one European country had reshuffled the employment terms & conditions for pilots. Pilots associations and unions have lost much of their bargaining and negotiations power because of airlines using 'divide & conquer' strategies among its employees and (ab)using the differences in national legal frameworks. 

In an effort to rectify this, ECA has been active in facilitating communication and coordination of negotiations efforts between TNA pilots across Europe. We help pilots exchange information and stay united in their negotiations with management.

In the past years, various TNA Pilot Groups have been formed under the umbrella of ECA. Below is an overview of all active TNA Pilot Groups, which hold regular meetings. To receive all the latest updates on their work, please sign up below. 


epg logo
easyJet Pilot Group (ePG)
  • Oldest Pilot Group at ECA, with a Protocol signed in 2006.
  • easyJet currently operates under a UK, Swiss & Austrian AOC
  • Coming up: ePG website
City Jet Pilot Group
  • Set up in 2017 
  • Wet-leasing company for major legacy carriers such as SAS, KLM, Air France, Brussels Airlines. City Jet operates under Irish AOC
  • Main ECA Members involved : SWE, Finland, DK, BeCA, IALPA 


NPG logo
Norwegian Air Pilot Group (NPG)
  • Irish, 2 Norwegian, UK, Argentine AOCs
  • NPG protocol signed in 2014
  • Website:  & Twitter: @NorwegianPilots
  • Has a master executive council (incl. chairman)
  • Main players: NPU, NPUF, BALPA, SEPLA, IALPA, ANPAC, SNPL, VNV & Argentinian ALPA & US ALPA
SAS Pilot Group
  • Created 2017 following the launch of the Irish AOC
  • Main players: BALPA, SEPLA, 2 Norwegian associations, DPF, SPF
  • Protocol to be signed in 2018
WestAtlantic Pilot Group


Main players BALPA and DK

rtpg logo
Ryanair Transnational Pilot Group

Established in March 2018 

The Ryanair Transnational Pilot Group (RTPG) is the collective voice of Ryanair Company Councils, supported by their national pilot associations.Together they progress strategies to achieve the interests of Ryanair pilots throughout Europe.

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